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The synthesis of the elements that comprise a building - design, systems, materials and technologies- all considered to elevate performance and spirit.

High Performance Consultation

Wellbeing and Safety:

Abundant natural light and fresh air ventilation promote productivity and well-being. In addition, healthy materials and backbone infrastructure provide the safety you expect.

Energy Efficiency

State-of-the-art energy efficient construction, appliances, and lighting with commercially available renewable energy systems, such as solar water heating and electricity.

Integrated Systems:

Intelligent heating and cooling mechanisms, meticulous noise engineering, occupancy sensors and many other systems allow the building to function as an integrated entity.

Inteligency and Connectivity

The smart interface gives the owner information about, and control over security systems, lighting, and energy. It puts rich content at your fingertips, and provides mobile connectivity to your home or building.

Well-being & Safety

High performance design is about enhancing people's quality of life. It leverages design and resources to motivate well-being and provide safety through things like abundant natural light, and the use of healthy materials.

healthy & safe materials

abundant natural light

indoor air quality

Energy Efficiency

A modern approach that advances the way we utilize resources to a more efficient way of life. Enjoy a more innovative home or building that saves money and resources while providing a better living experience.

tight building envelope that insulates against all three forms of energy transfer

overhangs sized to block summer sun but allow winter sun to enter the house

real time energy monitoring of consumption and production

onsite energy generation and water collection

Integrated Systems

Synthesis and innovation in the systems that comprise the building or home bring forth lower maintenance costs, increase lifetime value, and provide a greater experience than dated buildings.

smart security and AV system

pure air filtration system

high efficiency variable speed heating and cooling system

intelligent home system

Intelligence and Connectivity

Content connectivity gives owners and users control of essential systems within the home or building like security, energy, lighting, air quality, temperature, among others, to enrich the living experience.

lighting and shade controls

indoor climate and temperature control

central media controls with mobile devices

remote Electronic Surveillance and control

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